Ultimate overlanding truck bed cover for Jeep Gladiator!

Posted by Marie on 8th Feb 2023

Ultimate overlanding truck bed cover for Jeep Gladiator!


A storage solution for jeeping without doors.

If you’re a Jeep owner, you know the struggle of not having a place to put anything when the doors are off. You understand the trade-off and see the value of having a covered truck bed that the Gladiator offers. Add a Fas-top and you have the ultimate truck set up for overlanding, hauling and day-to-day life.


A Place for the dogs 

This truck bed combo is a convenient way to bring my dogs along on extended camping trips or a short cruise to the park. Before, my dogs couldn’t ride in the box because of the temptation to jump out while driving. The mesh window allows a breeze through the topper, and is the best option for traveling interstate speeds. If you want, you can roll the rear window and sides up for additional airflow when your driving at slower speeds. I tend to use the g-hooks for a safari style sunshade when I get to my destination.   


A topper I can remove by myself. 

This setup is perfect for me. I use the stow configuration the most throughout the warmer months and when winter comes, I remove the top. There is a sense of freedom knowing that I can take the topper off by myself and still have a tonneau with no additional installation. I hang up the topper on hooks in my garage, and it hardly takes up any space.


Soft Truck Topper & Tonneau for Jeep Gladiator

All Fas-Top® products are manufactured in the USA by Bismarck Canvas, Inc.®. 


Built & tested in North Dakota.

Family owned & operated.