Warranty Period

3 year limited warranty on Fas-Top Original tonneau cover.

1 year limited warranty on Fas-Top Traveler Topper

1 year limited warranty on Fas-Top Solo Topper

3 month limited warranty for clear vinyl windows. After period is over, 15% off clear replacement windows for original





Fas-Top guarantees that all new products have quality material & workmanship for the specified warranty period. The

warranty is effective if the product was properly installed and used for the intended purpose. This warranty only applies to

original purchaser with original proof of purchase.



Warranty Exclusions

Fas-Top is not liable for any warranty claims, damages, or defects related to:

1. Misuse, abuse, accidents, vandalism, negligence, or normal wear & tear.

2. Improper installation, modification, or maintenance.

3. Failure to comply with product instructions and laws.

4. Force Majeure including but not limited to natural distasters, civil unrest, and strikes.



At Fas-Top’s discretion, a determination will be made if a product needs to be replaced, repaired, refunded or voided.

Warranty is not effective on used products (Products that have been installed, repaired, modified, misused, accidents, or

normal wear & tear.)


Should a specific product be discontinued, Fas-Top may replace the discontinued product with a current product or like

product. Original proof of purchase for the product must accompany any warranty claim.




Fas-Top is not liable for any incidental and consequential damages.



Fas-Top does not claim covers are 100% waterproof.




You can return your purchase. You (buyer) are responsible for return shipping and will be charged up to a 25% restocking fee.

When returning a product to Fas-top, all parts must be returned in their original packaging.

Non-refundable costs include: Original shipping, return shipping, taxes and handling cost.

Contact customer service 701-673-3777

Return filled out RMA that will be sent to your email.



Return Exclusions

We cannot accept products which are damaged due to negligence or accidental, misuse, & normal wear and tear.

10 business day return policy from the date the order was received by the customer.

All Fas-Top® products are manufactured in the USA by Bismarck Canvas, Inc.®. 


Built & tested in North Dakota.

Family owned & operated.