Topper & Tonneau Features

The soft truck topper collapses down and stows in a sling under the tonneau cover. The size of the topper is approximately 8"x 8"x (Inside Box Width) when it is stowed.

The x-frame is built out of heavy duty aluminum alloy. It is sturdy and easy to use.

The topper side panels are sealed the same way as the tonneau. 

The rails mount to the top of the truck box with no-drill clamps.

The Fas-Top tonneau and topper lock at the tailgate with an auto trigger latch and roll bar.

The slide in "hook & loop" makes it easy to replace and refresh your tonneau cover seal.

The c-clamp design is easy to install and effectively secures down the Fas-top rail. 

The tarp stop helps prevent the tonneau cover from rubbing on the pickup cab. Simply hook the bungee loop to stow the cover.

All Fas-Top® products are manufactured in the USA by Bismarck Canvas, Inc.®. 


Built & tested in North Dakota.

Family owned & operated.