"This family owned business will go out of their way to bring you a quality product that they stand behind 100%"

"Quality and service goes a long ways and they have both. Great durable covers, easy access, tough velcro, and a clean design. Customer service was awesome"

" Easy installation. Easy to put up topper. Topper protected when not in use. Quality made product. Amazing family owned customer service."

"My favorite part is the rails are mounted on top of the box"

1. Fas-top is the only tonneau cover that can work with a collapsible soft top.

2. Fas-Top tarp stops prevent rubbing against the paint on the back of your pickup cab.
3. The tonneau cover is mounted on the top of your bed rails. This makes the cover more sturdy.
4. You can purchase Fas-Top direct from the manufacturer.
5. Takes about 15 minutes to install on your pickup.

This is Fas-Top. A patented dynamic combination of a tonneau cover and stow away topper working together to fit your life. The dual cover system reconfigures in less than a minute and utilizes universal components like the trigger latch and rails. Now you don’t have to compromise functionality. So why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the best of both covers. This pickup cover is unbelievably adaptable for extreme elements in every season and every situation you’re put up against. The slants of the side rails are sleek while maximizing the full potential of the Velcro performance against the wind. This cover is different on purpose. It fits wider on the box for better water shed keeping your cargo safe and dry. The rails are thick and the clamping system is effective at providing a secure and superior mount to the top of your truck bed. When you need more space in your box roll up your Fas-top tonneau cover and secure it, then pull out the Fas-Top topper. This will double the space in your pickup box and transform your pickup to match any scenario. If you want the sleek appearance of just your pickup cover; The Fas-Top topper is easily stowed in your pickup box or it can be completely removed in seconds. Call-Now-Button