It's all about the function.

Here are some key functions that set fas-top apart.                                                                  


  easy to operate



  Good Clearance 


  how it latches

  Usable Space

  cargo Management

1. Lockable 

The topper is locked with snapping these straps to the inside and closing the tailgate. 

2. Easy to operate
Transform and double the space in your pickup box in less than a minute. Follow these steps below.

1. Roll back tonneau cover and strap down to the tarp stops. 

2. Pull Out Topper from the stowed position, unfold and clip corner straps to the side rails.

3. Adjust tension with the corner straps and seal the sides to the rails.

4. Trigger the latches with the roll bar the same way as the tonneau cover.

5. Snap the locking straps and close the tailgate.

3. sunshade 

G-hooks are a perfect way to get some quick shade. Follow these steps below.

1. Roll up the topper sides

2. Hook the g-hooks into the loops 

3. Adjust Tension

4. Airflow

The mesh back rear window is good for airflow while still keeping cargo contained.

5. Good Clearance when the topper is stowed

6. Privacy

"Out of sight. Out of mind" security approach.

7. How does it latch?

The topper latches the same way as most tonneau covers (with Hook & Loop Strips). 

The roll bar securely locks into place near the tailgate..

8. Usable Space
The fAs-Top Topper doubles the space of your pickup box.

 Have all the benefits of a hard top without being cumbersome .

9.Cargo Management

These cargo bags are great for clearing the clutter and are mounted onto the pre existing side rail channel.